Wire and Wireless Telegraph Keys Wanted

Want old Telegraph Keys for my collection.  I am looking for pre-1930 keys, sounders, relays and related items.  Also looking for old or odd-ball bugs.  Want spark keys and related wireless and scientific items.  I will pay cash or trade my duplicates .  Let me help you ID the key you have for sale.  Send me Email if you have something for sale or trade.

Neal McEwen, K5RW k5rw@telegraph-office.com

I am specifically looking for:

Camelback keys of any vintage or maker, especially Phelps, Chubbock, Tillotson, and Williams

U.J.Frye Key

J-1, J-2, J-3 and J-6

Go-Devil bug

pre 1870 registers, Am. Tel. Co., Williams, Knox & Shaine, etc.

pre 1890 sounders, by Tillotson, Phelps, Gray & Barton, Bunnell, Western Electric and others.

Vibroplex Vertical and Midget bugs

Lineman's pocket Test Set, Bunnell, Tillotson and others

Martin and Bunnell-Martin Flash Keys

Spark Keys by Marconi, WSA, DeForest, RECo., Duck, Murdock, U.S. Navy, Independent Wireless and others

Norcross and Atlanta Georgia Vibroplex bugs

Keys, sounders and relays by Tillotson, Greeley, Phelps, Partrick and Carter, Williams and others

Postal Telegraph bug

Pump Handle key

WWII deluxe gray base Vibroplex Blue Racer

Red, Blue and Green Vibroplex bugs

A to Z bugs

Undersea Cable key

Milliken relay

Tangent galvomoneter and other old scietific instruments

Wireless detectors

Navy style loose coupler

Spark gaps

I am an easy guy to trade with.  Until you are happy, the deal is not done. I have been stung a few times and it is not a good feeling.  I don't want it to happen to you (or me).   If you need references, I got 'em.

You may reach me in the evening at 1(972)234-1653 or e-mail me at k5rw@telegraph-office.com

73 de Neal, K5RW