K5RW's list of duplicate keys for trade

Neal McEwen, K5RW


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Fellow Collectors,
  I have the following telegraph keys and other related items for trade.  These are either duplicates or items that don't fit my collection.  All items are complete and functional with all original parts unless otherwise stated. I do not wish to sell these items!!!  As you are well aware, it is easier to find a new item for you collection if you have something to trade.  See "Why Trade."

Trade List last updated 30 Aug. 2004

I am looking for keys and related items I don't have. I like pre-1910 landline keys , sounders and relays, early or oddball or off brand bugs, call boxes and Spark keys. I am also a sucker for early wireless items such as detectors, loose couplers, spark gaps, etc. And I also like old books on telegraphy and wireless. So you have the gamut with which to peak my interest in a trade.

I am NOT interested in:

If you have something to trade and don't see anything you like here, perhaps I can dig a little deeper. Let me know what you are looking for. There are only a handful of items in my collection that I would not trade, given the right opportunity.

You could turn me on with a Postal Telegraph bug, A-to-Z bugs, Pump Handle key, red, blue or green Vibroplex, a "half frame" Martin, Bunnell mechanical learners set No 2, spark keys, most any camelback key, especially a Phelps, a pocket test set, early sounders (pre-1880) , weight driven registers, early relays, a J-1, J-2, J-3, or J-6, a U. J. Frye key, Milliken relay, cable keys, call boxes, Mallet perforator and bugs with an Albright label.

I've also got the hots for an IP-501, a "Navy" loose coupler, Western Union style tangent style galvanometer and a rotary gap.

If you have something I am really interested in, and we don't have an even trade, I will trade two, three or however many of my items it takes for an even trade.

I am an easy guy to trade with. Until you are happy, the deal is not done. Take a look at the key I send you. If you are not happy, send it back. If you like what you see, send me your stuff.

When corresponding, please refer to the item number. You may reach me in the evening at 1(972)234-1653 or e-mail me at k5rw@telegraph-office.com

73 de Neal, K5RW

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